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1. About Lavish Life
An interesting uproar is on in the world today about Network marketing, which has now plagiarized into an extensive version. Most of the developed and many developing countries have adopted this ideal marketing formula successfully and we; in India are also strongly emphasizing on it.
In a way, Network marketing is a social and economic upliftment of the people and by the people, which is popularizing day by day. A work in togetherness makes a great bonding and makes everybody better and happy.
For a better and bright future along with prosperity, we; at LAVISHLIFE MULTITRADE LIMITED present some quality products of a timely need. These products are meant for physical / mental wellbeing and also puts forth an opportunity for a business. Our diversified range of products includes:

A . Healthcare product
     Madhuramrut : A crushed whole Aloe Vera juice containing 200 medicinal ingredients and 100 % natural health drink for all age groups, for healthy and sick ones.

B. Animal care product
    Manthan : For healthy living and optimum production from the livestock, a daily animal feed supplement. Better economic returns from the productive stock.

C. Agrocare products
    Maxwell : A herbal growth promoter for all varieties of crops in the field.( A real farmer’s friend.)
    Mustadd A non-ionic technical spreader for best effects of various sprays. ( A farmers well wisher )

D. Life care products
    1. Diamond ring scalar energy pendent : for all round protection from the radiation hazard from electronic goods viz.cell phone / mobile, television, computers,
     refrigerator, washing machines etc.
    2. Bio magnetic bracelet : Titanium metal with five Germanium balls provides natural magnetic energy for better flow of the blood circulation within the human body.

All above products are meant for betterment of family health, animal health and enhancing agricultural production. So also these are needful and necessary. A magical performance of these products will not only satisfy your needs but also compel you to propagate it to the near and dear ones. This also creates business opportunity. One can purchase these products as per need and also suggest it to others.

All the products are out in the Network marketing and any single male / female above 18 years age, without barrier of educational necessities can avail this chance. Company has appointed subject matter specialists who are renowned in concerned field, for the product design and manufacture. That makes the marketing easier and better.
An open offer for all those employed / unemployed, part / full time workers, youth / elders to flourish and shape their future, forever!
With best wishes for golden future…….. United we prosper!


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